Learn to thrive through cancer

Learn to manage your thinking and take ownership of your thoughts so your feel more positive and in control

  • Have you got Cancer or a long term medical condition that you feel is stopping you living the life you want?
  • Have you got a close relative who has just been diagnosed with cancer or a long term medical condition and you are feeling overwhelmed?
  • Have you been given a palliative diagnosis and you are having trouble coming to terms with this?
  • Do you feel helpless and out of control?

The Thrive Programme can help.   Even though you may have cancer, diabetes, a heart condition or any other chronic health conditions, you can still lead a fulfilling and positive life. Actually it is really important to develop a positive mindset. There is a proven mind-body connection and your immune system is affected by your state of mind. The Thrive Programme will give you skills to boost your level of resilience so that you can manage any adversity and bounce back. You will gain great self-insight and I will give you techniques to boost your self-esteem, reduce social anxiety and give you back control. Thrive can also help with pain management and anticipatory nausea/vomiting for those having chemotherapy.


Take at look at the blog,  ‘Are you positive about cancer’ on the Thrive Programme website about how this approach can really benefit those going through cancer treatment.  As an oncology nurse as well as a Thrive Programme Consultant, I understand how difficult a time this can be and how easy it is to feel helpless and out of control.  To learn more about how the Thrive Programme can help you be positive on Cancer of any chronic health issues, contact me for a free initial consultation where we can have an informal chat about your specific symptoms and concerns.