Thrive for Teenagers

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Thrive for Teenagers is a version of The Thrive Programme, specifically designed for children and teens from approximately 11-15 years.  However, it can be used for younger and older age groups depending on the level of understanding for the individual. The programme is fun and interactive, helping children and teens to gain a sense of power and control over their lives, boost their self esteem and reduce social anxiety.  The programme can be used to overcome many different issues, including exam stress, lack of confidence, phobias, anxieties, bullying.  It would also be highly beneficial for any children or teenagers who are struggling to cope with a new diagnosis or manage a chronic or life limiting condition.  It’s about getting children and teens flourishing and enjoying life.

The programme will give your child/ teenager strong psychological foundations and through different interactive exercises and activities help them to gain a greater self awareness.  They will be given the skills to change any limiting beliefs and thoughts that are helping to propagate their issues.   The programme will increase resilience and show they have some influence and control over their lives. There are of course some things that we cannot control, however, your child/teenager will be given skills to manage adversity and boost coping strategies for those unpredictable events.


If you feel the programme may benefit your child, please get in touch for a free initial consultation.  This will be an informal chat to learn more about the Thrive Programme and a chance to ask questions. Please be aware that all under 16 year olds must be accompanied by parent or guardian.