Thrive for organisations

Thrive with Sue can really help both individuals and groups within an organisation, be it a large PLC, small business, school or charity.  The Thrive Programme is able to help both an organisation as a whole and the individual staff.  If employees are thriving, highly motivated, ambitious, able to manage their thinking effectively so they are not off with work related stress, the whole company will benefit.

According to  the latest estimates from the Health and Safety Executive (HSE) for Great Britain 2014-2015, stress accounted for 43% of all working days lost due to ill health.  The total number of days lost due to stress, depression or anxiety was 9.9 million days, with an average of 23 days lost per person.

Here are some of the ways Thrive with Sue can help:

  • Change limiting beliefs that are holding you back from growing your business
  • Increase staff motivation
  • Feel more in control when faced with difficult situations
  • Gain skills and knowledge to cure yourself of stress, anxiety and depression
  • Develop great coping skills for those situations when you have no direct control.
  • Boost resilience
  • Increase emotional intelligence
  • Gain great self-insight
  • Learn how to overcome fear and phobias, including social anxiety and public speaking
  • Learn how to reach your potential
  • Prevent stress related physical symptoms
  • Boost self-esteem
  • Learn how to promote a ‘can do ‘attitude within your organisation
  • Give you the confidence to achieve your goals

Thrive for individuals who have been off long term sick

Thrive with Sue is able to help individuals who have been off long terms sick with stress, anxiety or depression and are motivated to help themselves.  The programme is a course , taking approximately 6 sessions, 60-90 minutes in length for each session.  It is highly interactive and based on a coaching, rather than a therapy model.  It’s about giving each individual all the skills and self-insight to cure themselves of whatever is holding them back from achieving their potential and goals in life.

The course is a fixed price regardless of whether someone needs  6 sessions or more.   If they put in persistent and continuous effort throughout the course and are really motivated to help themselves, by the end of the 6-8 weeks, they will be a different person.  They will not need any further interventions of counselling or psychotherapy as they have been armed with all the skills and knowledge to cure themselves.  At the end of this period, they will still have to keep working hard and challenging themselves, but I won’t need to see them again apart from my free follow up session a month after the end of the course.

Thrive workshops for small groups of individuals from the same profession or organisation

Thrive with Sue also offers group workshops.  This would again be run as a course, taking 6 sessions up to 90 minutes in length. This unique coaching model can be highly beneficial with professionals from similar backgrounds be it members of the senior team of a company, a group of teachers, solicitors or actors.  The programme will help you to achieve collective as well as personal goals.  It will challenge you on any negative limiting beliefs you hold that are preventing you from moving forward as a company or as an individual.

The programme will also give you great personal insight.  The groups sessions are really beneficial for a team as you will learn more about one another with regard to your beliefs and thinking styles. By understanding your colleagues more, you will be able to motivate and challenge one another on any unhelpful language or beliefs.  The workshops are very interactive and you will be encouraged to gently challenge yourself on any unhelpful beliefs you hold and look at the evidence that is supporting them. You will learn where your strengths lie and areas that are holding you back from fulfilling your potential and collective/individual goals.

Thrive with Sue uses a coaching approach based on positive psychology.  It will challenge how you view the world and make you approach your work and home life differently.

To learn more contact me for a free no obligation chat about how I could help your organisation.