Frequently Asked Questions about The Thrive Programme

What is the Thrive Programme?

This is a unique psychological training programme, teaching you the skills and personal insights to flourish and lead the life you have always wanted. It is a different approach to counselling, CBT, NLP or hypnotherapy. You will be a trainee who will gain an in depth knowledge of yourself and how your belief systems significantly impact how you view yourself. You will learn how most symptoms are created from your belief tinted view of the world and unhelpful thinking styles. These will all be gently challenged to enable you to feel more powerful and in control. Instead of asking the question: ‘What is happening to me?’, you will learn to say ‘ What am I doing to make myself feel like this’. In addition, you will gain more understanding of the mind-body connection and how anxiety and stress can have a significant impact on your immune system. I will show you how to change any limiting beliefs and you will be given different tasks to complete to boost your self esteem, reduce social anxiety and get you feeling more in control of your life. This will all be backed up with research from the fields of positive psychology, cognitive psychology and therapies and emotional intelligence.

Who is the Thrive Programme suitable for?

The Thrive Programme has been used to help adults of all ages. You are never too old to start Thriving! The programme has been used to successfully overcome a diverse range of conditions, from general anxiety, phobias (including emetophobia), depression, weight management, social anxiety, sexual problems, anger management and many more. Just because your symptom is not listed, it doesn’t mean I won’t be able to help. Please contact me and we can arrange a free initial consultation to see if the Thrive Programme can help you.

Is the Thrive Programme suitable for children?

The Thrive Programme is suitable for children approximately 11 years upwards, depending on their level of understanding. Children will follow the Thrive for Teenagers workbook until approximately the age of 15, at which point they could use the adult Thrive Programme book. Sessions and material will be adapted to the individual child to make them fun and interactive. All under 16 year olds will need to be accompanied by a parent or guardian during the sessions.

Why is it beneficial to see a Thrive Consultant rather than just working through the relevant book myself?

As a Thrive Consultant I will be able to personalise the programme, bringing it ‘alive’ to the individual client. I have different ways of explaining specific concepts to ensure you understand. To each of your sessions I will bring lots of additional knowledge and give you goals and tasks to complete related specifically to you. I will keep you motivated and once you believe the Thrive Programme is working for you, you will then put the effort in and then you will be thriving in no time!

How will I be able to remember all the information?

At the beginning of each session, we will recap what has been discussed from the previous week. We will have a chat about concepts covered so far to check your understanding. I offer a free MP3 recording of the session if you wish to enable you to play back to help consolidate key concepts discussed. In the initial consultation, I will also ask how you like to learn best. In this way, I can customise the examples and metaphors to suit the individual.

How successful is the Thrive Programme?

The Thrive Programme has been highly successful in overcoming a diverse array of symptoms. Please look at the many testimonials to see how life changing the programme has been for different individuals.

How many sessions will I need?

The full Thrive Programme will take approximately six sessions. However, this could be more or less depending on the specific individual issues.

When will I start to feel a relief in my symptoms?

You should start to feel better about yourself and have a reduction in your symptoms in the first few weeks. However, I cannot wave a magic wand. If you put the effort in, complete all the homework, understand the concepts and start to believe that you are making positive changes, great progress will be made.


Tips to get the most out of your sessions

  •  In order to maximise the impact of the programme, it is important to have weekly sessions. This will help maintain momentum and make the programme far more effective compared to having prolonged periods between sessions.
  • I will give you some reading to do each week and a few tasks to complete.  It is more beneficial to start reading the new chapters and completing the different tasks soon after I have seen you, rather than leaving it until just before the next session.  If you do this, you will not get the benefit of completing the exercises for the whole week.
  • It is important to be committed to the process and to apply what you have learnt in the sessions to your life.  You need time to work through the new chapters slowly and thoroughly to create maximum impact.
  • Write notes all over your Thrive Programme book and use the Thrive journal to help focus your thoughts and goals for the day.  Re-read chapters to help consolidate your knowledge.
  • It all about persistent and continued effort. The more effort you put into the programme, the more you will see the benefits.
  • Although it may be tempting to jump ahead and read the whole book in a week, it is important to just work through the chapters I have set.  I pace the content of the sessions to maximise the benefit to the individual client to enable them to get the most out of the programme.  Pacing allows consolidation of the key concepts and time for you to gain self insight and explore how this new knowledge can be used to make positive changes to your life.
  • Please remember to bring your book to each session.
  • Please try to be on time time for your appointments.  This is not a long drawn out programme, so it is important to maximise time we have.