TTP Journal Cover FINAL ARTWORK A5 plus 3mm Bleed SMALL PDFThis journal is designed to accompany any of the Thrive Programme books.  Each day is split into sections to process your positives, focus your mindset for the day and a blank space to record any personal reflections or your quiz scores from one of the Thrive Programme books.  There are enough pages in the journal for 8 weeks.  Even if you have already completed the Thrive Programme, the journal is an excellent way to help you consolidate the knowledge you have gained and put it into practice each day to achieve a goal.  Your success in the Thrive Programme is about PACE ( persistent and continuous effort). This journal will certainly help your achieve your goals easier.  Research by Gail Matthews at Dominican University shows that you are 42% more likely to achieve your goals simply by writing them down.  Like many of the other Thrive Programme Consultants, I am using my journal to achieve a personal goal.  In my case I have chosen a fitness goal.

 To learn more about the journal, you can watch the video here.  I will provide you with a complementary Thrive Programme Journal at the end of a full course of sessions to help you consolidate all the new knowledge and skills you have learnt.

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