“I found the Thrive Programme to be hugely useful.  It changed how I chose to think about myself and the world around me.  It is astonishing how quickly you can undo years of bad habits through some very simple exercises.  I started the programme because I wanted to overcome anxieties over driving but I found the Thrive Programme applied to many other areas of my life.  I would encourage anyone to give it a go.  I am usually very cynical and sceptical about any form of self help but what the Thrive Programme offers are simple logical solutions.  It is not a magic bullet but after just a couple of weeks Sue helped me to realise I have far more control over my life than I previously thought.
Steve, London


“I am extremely grateful to Sue for guiding me through The Thrive Programme.  I have tried numerous different therapies over the years, conventional and alternative to help my anxiety issues but none has given me such practical help in how to change my thinking, nor addressed my low-self-esteem with such success than Thrive has done in only a few weeks.

I now look at life and it’s challenges in a much more positive way.  It is wonderful not to have to dwell on the past anymore.  I have also stopped blaming my parents for the things I thought they should have done differently in bringing me up and this is liberating!

Thank you so much Sue!”

Maddie, Cambridge


“I have recently undergone the Thrive programme with Sue and I feel so much more positive regarding my phobia issue. I feel that I have made significant progress which can only get better. The programme really makes you think and you find yourself feeling more positive each day. It is not a quick fix but the more effort you put in the more you will get out of it. Whilst it has helped with my phobia it has also helped me with a secondary issue which I think is just a knock on effect from feeling more positive and confident. It is a programme that you can apply to many aspects of your life and each time you read the book you get something new out of it. I definitely think it is better to discuss the programme with a thrive consultant as they help you break down the programme into manageable sections”.

Sharon, Sudbury


“Sue Tetley, my Thrive Programme Consultant, introduced me to strategies which I was able to use to overcome my anxiety about going to the dentist.  I am able to understand how confidence and resilience can be strengthened”

Nickie, Sudbury