Thrive through infertility. Learn how to take back control and feel positive during your treatment

Learn how to take back control and thrive through your treatment


  • Are you struggling to cope emotionally with your infertility treatment?
  • Do you feel depressed and anxious about your situation and helpless to do anything about it?
  • Have you been trying to conceive for a while, yet you have been unable to get pregnant?
  • Do you find it difficult being around friends and family who have babies and young children?
  • Is your relationship becoming strained?
  • Are you the partner of someone having infertility treatment and feel helpless?
If you have answered YES to any of these questions, the thrive programme will certainly be able to help.  This psychological training programme will give you all the skills you need to manage your emotions effectively.  It will give you great self insight and through the programme, I will show you techniques to boost your self esteem, reduce any social anxiety and put you back in control of your life. These are known as your psychological foundations; if these are solid you will be able to ‘weather storms’ and deal with adversity effectively without it impacting on your mental health.
I spent many years undergoing treatment so I understand the loss of control both partners can feel over their lives at this time.  However, through teaching you great coping skills and the ability to become more resilient, you will be able to tolerate uncertainly far more effectively.  I had tried lots of different treatments, hyponotherapy,  reflexology, acupuncture and mindfulness, but the Thrive Programme helped me the most, to feel calmer, take back control and tolerate uncertainty. My husband who was initially quite sceptical about how effective the programme was going to be,  was very pleased at the positive impact it had compared to all the other options I had tried. That’s why I trained to be a thrive consultant because I really believe how it can help people change their whole outlook on life in a very positive way. Please come and  see me for a free initial consultation whether it is you or your partner having treatment or investigations  and we can have a chat about how The Thrive Programme® can help you.