What are you goals in life? Learn to make them happen with the Thrive Programme

What are your goals in life? Learn to make them happen with the Thrive Programme


Learn how to achieve your goals in life

Have you always had a dream of being able to run a marathon, lose a certain amount of weight, climb a mountain, go trecking , learn to play a musical instrument, change careers?  What ever your goal may be, The Thrive Programme can help you to fulfill your dreams.  The programme uses a coaching  approach based on positive psychology.  It focuses on personal growth and development and building resilience.  The Thrive Programme also helps boost self-esteem and self-efficacy which is the belief on one’s ability to succeed at a given activity.  It is designed to  give you great self-insight and the skills to enable you to overcome any hurdles holding you back from achieving your ambitions and life goals.


The programme will involve approximately six  1 hour sessions.  These are very interactive and each week there will be different tasks and reading to complete at home.  After completing all the sessions, you will have all the skills and self-insight to get out there and start thriving and successfully working towards your goals.  During the first session, your will be given a complementary Thrive Programme Journal.  This will help you to be even more successful in  achieving your ambitions.  Each day is split into sections to really help focus your mind on your goals for the day.  The aim is to look at what you have achieved, rather than berating yourself for what you haven’t done.  It is looking at what you are grateful for and the steps your a taking to achieve your ultimate goal. There are 8 weeks worth of pages.


To learn more about the Thrive Programme and how it can help you achieve your goals,contact me for a FREE initial consultation in person or via Skype.  You can also look at my blog entitled ‘Mental Toughness and goal setting -what we can learn from endurance athletes’.