Learn how to overcome health anxieties and phobias quickly and easily with the Thrive Programme

Overcome health phobias and anxieties quickly and easily with the Thrive Programme

Overcome your fear of medical procedures


  •  Do you fear going to the doctor or dentist?
  • Are you scared of having blood taken or become very anxious at the thought of a forth coming operation or procedure?
  • Do you get panic attacks?
  • Do you become very anxious and convince yourself you have a serious medical condition, spending time researching specific conditions, seeking   medical advice on a regular basis for conditions you think you may have?
  • Do you constantly self examine and self diagnose?
The Thrive Programme can help with your health anxieties or phobias.  You will gain great self insight and understand how you are creating these phobias or anxieties.  I will give you the skills to create strong psychological foundations to boost self esteem, increase your confidence and put you back in control.  I will show you how changing your belief system and thoughts can change your mindset so you will no longer create your fears and anxieties.
As well as a Thrive Programme Consultant, I have been a qualified nurse for over 10 years.  I therefore have a good understanding of different medical procedures and will be able to help de-mystify them so you can easily overcome your fears and anxieties.  It doesn’t matter whether it’s a generalised anxiety about germs, being ill or a specific fear of blood, cannulation, injections or a particular procedure, the Thrive Programme will really be able to help.
To learn more about how the Thrive Programme can help you, contact me for a free initial consultation where we can have an informal chat about your specific symptoms and concerns.