Fly Happy by Rob Kelly Web SizeBeat your flying phobia quickly and easily with The Thrive Programme®.

– Do you want to see more of the world, but your fear of flying is stopping you living your dreams?

– Do you currently tolerate flying for business or pleasure, but become very anxious in the lead up and during the flight?

If either of the two statements apply, The Thrive Programme®, Fly Happy book, will be able to help. It takes all the general Thrive Programme principles and applies it to flying, using particular metaphors and examples specific to your fear. It also helps demystify many flying myths. Accompany the book with sessions from a Thrive Consultant to really target your individual requirements.

The Thrive Programme will put you back in control and enable you to understand how you created your phobia. It will provide you with greater personal insight and change your belief system about flying. Taking approximately three sessions, it will be very interactive. I will show you that it’s not the flight itself causing the stress and anxiety, but your thoughts about it. I will give you the skills and insights to easily overcome your phobia.

If you would like to learn more about successfully managing your thinking in relation to flying and overcoming your phobia, please contact me for a free initial consultation. This will be an opportunity for an informal chat and for you to ask me any questions about The Thrive Programme®.