I offer a no obligation free initial consultation to all my clients lasting approximately  45 minutes. This is an informal chat about your specific symptoms.  It is an opportunity for you to ask some questions and learn how the Thrive Programme could help you.

The Thrive Programme, Cure your Emetophobia and Thrive and Thrive for Teenagers

All sessions last 90 minutes.  The cost of the course is £800.  It is anticipated that you will require around 6 sessions to complete the programme.  However, if you require more, there is no further charge as you are paying for the course and not individual sessions.  The price is fixed and there are no hidden charges.

Stop Smoking Sessions

Thrive as a  Non-Smoker  has a fixed fee of £300.  This is a highly successful programme with a  92.5% success rate.  Each session lasts  90 minutes. This is a 2-3 session programme.  If a further session is required, there will be no further charge as you are paying for the course.

Fly Happy with the Thrive Programme

This has a fixed fee of £300 and is a 2 – 3 session programme, each session lasting 90 minutes.  If a further session is required, there will be no further charge as you are paying for the course.

Group Thrive Programme Workshops

Please contact me if you are interested in group workshops.  These are available for a maximum of six individuals.  This may be a suitable option for groups of individuals from the same profession.  The price per person will be significantly reduced compared to the cost of the individual Thrive course.

One off sessions

A one off session may be appropriate if you have completed one of the Thrive Programme books yourself and need some clarification from a Thrive Consultant or if you require some strategies to overcome a fear of anxiety.  However, please note that it is not possible to complete any of the Programmes in one session.  The cost is £140 for 90 minutes.  Please arrange a chat to decide if this is suitable to meet your needs successfully.

Cancellation policy

I require a 24 hour notice period to cancel or rearrange an appointment.  The full session fee is still payable if the appointment slot cannot be filled.

What do you get for your money?

  • Complementary relevant Thrive Programme book
  • Complementary Thrive Programme Journal
  • Complementary copies of any session handouts
  • Complementary initial consultation
  • Access to me inbetween sessions via phone, email or Skype
  • Complementary follow up session a month after completing the programme to have a catch up.

 What if I can’t afford it?

This depends on the value you place on what I am able to offer. The average cost of an ipad is over £300, whilst the average cost of learning to drive is over £1000.  The cost of an Xbox is approximately £300 upwards or a new laptop  £300 upwards.  According to  a recent study, women spend £100,000 in their life time on cosmetics. The cost of all these products is justified by the individual as they can see the benefits they bring.  The Thrive Programme is all about making life-long changes.  In two months or less, you will have all the skills and self-insight to make positive and permenant changes.

Clients can also pay in instalments.  For the main Thrive Programme course, I ask  for an initial payment of £300 and then the further £500 can be paid in instalments.



Thrive with sue offering discounts to Equity Members

Thrive with Sue is working in partnership with Equity, the actors Union and a 20% discount is available for all courses of  an individual going through the Thrive Programme.  Equity membership details will need to be seen prior to receiving the discount.

How do I pay?

The course is payable via BACS transfer, cash or Paypal.