Cure yourself of anxiety with the Thrive Programme

With anxiety you can be hyper- alert  to any changes in your environment

 Anxiety, Stress and Panic Disorders

Anxiety and stress can be very debilitating.  You can feel completely overwhelmed and unable to function on a day to day basis. Anxiety can be related to specific issues or it can be generalised. General anxiety disorder (GAD) is when an individual feels anxious about a variety of issues. It can be related  to panic disorder, post traumatic stress, phobias and social anxiety. GAD can also be described as ‘Free floating anxiety’- one issue being resolved, then another cropping up immediately that also needs to be worried about.  It is a never ending cycle of worry.  Psychologically those with GAD may feel exhausted, irritable and have poor concentration. They can be in a state of constant high alert and have a feeling of dread.  This anxiety has a significant impact on the body, causing symptoms like heart palpitations, irritable bowel, stomach pain,nausea and insomnia.
The Thrive Programme can really help change your thoughts and beliefs about aspects of your life causing you anxiety, be it a specific issues or more generalised anxiety.  The programme will give you strong psychological foundations to enable you to develop more resilience, boost your self esteem, reduce social anxiety and put you back in control. The programme will give you all the skills you need to manage your thinking successfully and stop the cycle of worrying.  It will help you to develop positive self talk and teach you how to be kind to yourself.
In a matter of weeks The Thrive Programme will completely change your mindset and belief system.  You will have all the skills to go and live the life you have always wanted without the worries that were holding you back.  Look at my testimonials to see how one of my clients who had tried many other interventions and therapies overcame her anxiety issues easily with the Thrive Programme
To learn more about how the Thrive Programme can help you, contact me for a free initial consultation.  We can have an informal chat where you will  have the opportunity to ask me any questions about the Thrive Programme.