Learn to sure yourself of your fears and phobias through the Thrive Programme

Learn how to overcome your fears and phobias quickly and easily

All Phobias including Emetophobia (fear of vomiting)

Most people have something they don’t entirely feel comfortable about, be it a particular object,  animal or social situation. We know these feelings are irrational, yet we still have them.  For the most part, we are able  to tolerate these feelings without a significant impact on our lives.   However, for many individuals this is not the case and their extreme fear becomes very debilitating.
Phobias could be classed as specific, such as a fear of dogs, spiders, heights, snakes, flying  etc or complex phobias  such as emetophobia, agoraphobia and social phobias that impact on multiple aspects of a person’s life.  Those with fears and phobias may go out of their way to avoid certain situations so they will not come into contact with the animal, object or situation they fear.  They may avoid doing certain jobs or going to certain holiday destination due to their fear of flying or a fear of the animals who they may come across in that country.  Symptoms include:  lightheadedness, nausea, shortness of breath,  palpitations, sweating, shaking and panic attacks.

Why do we have fears and phobias?

The development of a fear or phobia is generally a symptom of another fear we have in our lives.  A phobia is about us not managing our thinking properly and feeling out of control with other aspects of our lives. It’s the thoughts we have about flying, being sick or the dog barking, not the feared thing itself that is creating the phobia.   In the case of flying, very few people have been in a plane crash and survived to then develop a fear of flying, however millions of people in the UK have this phobia. The Thrive Programme now has a specific book called ‘Fly Happy’ to help those with a fear of flying.  Click on the link to take a closer look.

How can the Thrive Programme Help?

The Thrive Programme will give you all the skills and self insight to help you overcome your phobia. It will put you back in control, boost your self esteem and give you more confidence.  I will show you how you have created your phobia and with this knowledge how you can cure yourself of  it.
In recognition of the number of individuals in the UK  with Emetophobia and the significant impact this phobia has on a person’s life, the Thrive Programme has a whole book dedicated to helping individuals with this condition called ‘Cure Your Emetophobia and Thrive‘. Click on the link to learn more about this highly successful programme.
To learn more about how the Thrive Programme can help you, contact me for a free initial consultation.  We can have an informal chat where you will  have the opportunity to ask me any questions about the Thrive Programme.